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Beyond the surface - Open Studio Arte Viola

If we try to go beyind the surface we can see a painting as a photo. The motionless image of a lived moment where we only, conscious observers, had the fortune of getting its movement, the moment, the secret nakedness of the depicted body and above all the nekedness of its look. Then we suppose that an artist’s work doesn’t get anything only printed on a support but on the contrary something real and alive. A painting as a moment of life lived and that lives.

An opening, a gateway for a “parallel” world where a “Rosso Cadmio Scuro” of the background can be sky, but that this sky maybe, shortly, as soon as entered in the canvas, will turn in “Violetto Minerale”, “Giallo Cromo”, of countless shapes, colours, and will produce an endless stream of experienced life and different situations. Therefore a painting is not a portrayal on a whatever support more or less agreeable to the eye. It’s a world that can belong to us. A new world suggested by the fancy of someone that strongly believes in that deep extent so to live inside it, introducing in it symbols, codes and details visible only to the most attentive visitors. Or, almost eliminating any form and sign, managing so that it be possible just floating in a few large and surround colours as on a painting of Rothko; and maybe having the feeling of swimming in the liquid of the unborns.

A paintng is a secret entrance. Who will have heart will cross it without too many questions letting himself overwhelmed without reserves in its movement disturbing, turbulent, seductive.