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Janine Reeves's Open Studio

Watercolour painted plein air in Tuscany

Janine studied Fine Art at the Art Academy in London, under the guidance of Robin Lee-Hall PRP, graduating in 2013. She won five scholarships to study watercolor in Rome under Carole Robb formerly of the New York Studio School, and is currently in Rome painting.

This is what Janine says about her work:

"We need to create our own space, we need to help create that environment, which is where the artist can help."

Art allows us to forget, to dream and create fantasy: the child within us can be released from the everyday responsibility of our lives.

My abstract work is influenced by Kandinsky and Hockney as well as the sculpture of Henry Moore and the classical art work of antiquity, which is what makes Rome so special in my heart ”.

This is what Chunghi Choo an artist and curator (USA) said about her work:

“The watercolors of Janine Reeves are extremely well executed with her fluid motion and powerful strokes. She utilizes beautiful composition and color in her efforts to embody the emotional content of her work, creating a vitality especially present in her Pieta piece and collages.”

This is what Lesleigh Salinger an art consultant (NZ) said about her work:

" I thought they had a Constructivist feel to them, rather like those early Picassos done in Horta de Ebro at the beginning of his Cubist period: nice palette. "


This is what Rosi Raneri an art curator and critic (Italy) said about her work:

“The beauty and singularity of her painting is expressed through new interpretations of reality although with references and echoes of the painting of the twentieth century ( the expression of color and the geometries of Klee and Kandinskij).                                     Her work recalls the memory; bringing the memories of the real into the canvas and creating an unprecedented stage of pictorial emotions:- through assemblages, crisp iconic applications of symbols emerging, gleaming on the canvas, often elements, or details cut out, each aspect is then recomposed again.                                                                    The color manifests itself through its freshness, vigor, depth and elegance. It is remarkable the importance of the background, which assumes the basic role as a starting point for "other visions". It is a new observation of reality, of humanity, of history, told through symbols and references, a view of the world, typical of the work of art, through the value of geometries expressed in shapes and colors.”


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