curator Maria Italia Zacheo - organization Mario Rescio / wib srl-WertherMilano



Leaves, flowers. A work, a name, a beauty. Tribute to feminine sensibility, which contrasts its poetic lymph with abuse, its empathic strength with violence, the exhibition is born from LEAVES AND FLOWERS, Nicola Galli's artistic project  which  delves into the theme of diversity in today's society.

Stories of women are told. Multi-colored leaves and colorful flowers, elegant and austere on soft colored backgrounds, are portraits of real people: in each work a name, a subject, a beauty.

Nicola Galli - appreciated artist, dear to the big fashion brands (Giorgio Armani, Bulgari, D&G, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli etc.) and to the most prestigious international magazines (Vogue, Marie Claire, GQ, Wired etc.) - in LEAVES AND FLOWERS explores a suggestive aesthetic dimension. His compositions are seductive and plastic and in their simple aspect they always ask the whole observer for an extra look, for a deeper encounter.

The exhibition is organized thanks to Wib srl / WertherMilano Agency - Mario Rescio 1996 - which represents and promotes artists in the field of photography, fashion, creative direction, events, style and beauty, acting as a link throughout the world between commercial, editorial and fine arts works.

Beautiful setting, FABRICA: tea room, pastry shop, cafeteria, bistro, as well as exhibition space. Native "Confectionery Industry", active since 1923, now a magical place; the family business is reinterpreted by the new generation - Annalisa, Alessandro. Gianluca - and becomes a laboratory of food and ideas, in the spaces of an ancient carpentry of the Capital.