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Where the stars sleep 5

Event in the context of the exhibition project by Valentina Colella

Where the stars sleep, installation

During the event, visitors will be invited to choose one of the 116 stars that  pave the installation, express a wish and take the the sculpture away with them.

Where the stars sleep 5 is a project in progress which arrives in Rome with the fifth chapter of its constellation. The vernissage is scheduled for 12 October 2019, on the occasion of the 5th edition of the AMACI Day of Contemporary Art, at the AOC F58 - GALLERIA BRUNO LISI. The students of the Sculpture Workshop, curated by Prof. Varone at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, also worked on the project.

The 4 chapters so far fulfilled are: Chapter I, 2016,Introdacqua, Italy, [Installation Museum Città Sant'Angelo Laboratory, Italy], 145 stars. Chapter II, 2017, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, [Installation Everard Read Gallery Cape Town, ZA], 87 stars. Chapter III, 2018, Montevideo, Uruguay, [AIR installation Casa Madreselva, Montevideo, Uruguay], 145 stars. Chapter IV, 2018, Milan, Italy [Installation AMY-D Gallery, Milan, Italy], 116 stars.

Where the stars sleep is a work in progress under the influence of dreams and disillusionment. As in all her even more intimate research related to flight, death and vanitas, Valentina Colella fights between opposites, but places herself in the here and now, seeking the solution in this installation not for herself, but for offering it to others who become the catalyst of the energy that every luminescent sculpture has in itself. The stars sleep while  we are awake, the stars are placed on the ground and ready to be a dream machine.In each chapter, the combination of color and shape becomes the
structural feature that differentiates each of the chosen places. The work is perceived as a space of lights and colors, as if to dematerialize at first the sculptures resting on the floor, creating a timeless involvement in the whole surrounding area. In the places with which the artist comes into contact she selects, according to methods dictated by coincidence and not, an essential form that represents the star to be reproduced in multiples of 29 sculptures.