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From Eve to Barbie. The feminine image from the point of view of four bulgarian artists.

Group exhibition by T. Rusalieva, D. Deneva, J. Kostadinova, A. Rinaldi

Love, beauty and violence by Aneta Rinaldi

A group show by Tsvetelina Rusalieva, Dessi Deneva, Jana Kostadinova and Aneta Rinaldi.

A different look on and a contemporary interpretation of the eternal symbols of the female image. On display the works of four Bulgarian painters, united by the only one aim "women for the woman", who interpret the topic in four different ways and styles.

From the universal image of flowers and apple, as a reference to the archetypes of female symbolism, to the idea of a broken mirror or lost happiness. From abstract strokes to a kind of complicated painting that cannot even to be defined as figurative in the allegory of "real" bodies compared to the unreal image of Barbie.  Configured by a society that tends to live  on myths more and more, Barbie is a perfect but artificial doll, invented to deny shamelessly the "true" femininity of the women’s body even with all its imperfections.

In the end Love, attraction, beauty and violence, a triptich inspired by the beautiful sculpture by Lorenzo Bernini 'The rape of Proserpina', which replicates and highlights Bernini's idea of rendering their character and the drama they live through the expressiveness of the characters' bodies. The work focuses on the theme of femicide and the idea of the artist is to remember how thin the border between love, beauty, dream, desire and how fragile life is ...