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Le spiagge di Antonio Tamburro

"Le spiagge di Antonio Tamburro" dal 26 settembre al 26 ottobre 2019

Spiaggia, 140x140 cm (olio e acrilico su tela) 2019  <i class='fa fa-question-circle' aria-hidden='true' data-toggle='tooltip' title='Translation is missing. We show the original text in Italian'></i>



6°Senso Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of the personal exhibition Le Spiagge diAntonio Tamburro on Thursday, 26th of September at 18.30.

The first art works of the artist show calm beach themes loved by him, from the 1980s, with a constantly evolving style.

The first beaches he painted show a nostalgic atmosphere and are

painted with grey, brown and white colors.

In the following years his beaches develop more intense, with stronger colours and vivid crowds.

The last beaches of the artist are again more desolated and nostalgic.
You see women lying in the sun, children getting dressed and undressed, day to day scenes and not posed but spontaneous gestures. The predominating colour in the most recent paintings, that you see exposed, is blue. A unique style of the artist.

Simple objects in Tamburro paintings are important, for example, a hanging towel bent by the wind.

The silent and melancholy figures recall the paintigs of Edward Hopper and some artists of the 19th century. The newer paintings of Tamburro, like a movie, create a lots of emotions.



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