Nudity - finissage + reading

The multiform and infinite expressiveness offered by the naked human body...

Greta Isabella Conte, Dedication, series, 2018

Greta Isabella Conte, Dedication, series, 2018

Artists: Cesare Bedogné, Neno Belchev, Lavoslava Benčić, Petra Brnardic, Greta Isabella Conte, Johannes C.Gérard, Eduardo Herrera, Werther Germondari e Maria Laura Spagnoli, il7-Marco Settembre.

OpeningSaturday 12th of October 2019, h18 (until h20.30) - 15th Italian Contemporary Art Day

FinissageTuesday 22nd of October 2019, h18 (until 20.30) - Rome Art Week 2019 + Reading by il7-Marco Settembre at 7PM

The multiform and infinite expressiveness offered by the naked human body is the protagonist of this exhibition, with works all as always coming from the OGA Collection. The opening will be on the 15th AMACI Contemporary Day, while the finissage will be the first day of the Rome Art Week 2019.

Cesare Bedogné (Sondrio, Italy, 1968) Cesare Bedogné is an Italian photographer, film-maker and writer. He graduated cum laude in Mathematics. In the course of his studies, he also deepened his interest for the visual arts, with particular attention to cinema, and “in the aim to capture the gaze in its pure state”, he eventually devoted himself to photography. "I believe that photography is an adaptation of vision to a spiritual necessity - the eye forms an image which in its turn, through its inmost resonances, refocuses and transforms the gaze itself". (C.B.)

Neno Belchev (Varna, Bulgaria, 1971). Graduated from the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. Belchev works as video artist and filmmaker as well as in the fields of performance, installation, sculpture, new media and independent curator. Neno has participated in a wide range of solo and group, national and international exhibitions. His task as an artist is to look through the cover of things in their real essence. To provoke the people to see how of front of their own eyes their own world is changing. He uses very often humour, beside that in the other hand I take my art very seriously.

Lavoslava Benčić (Lubiana, Slovenia, 1963) have gained numerous experiences in ideological concepts, designs and implementation of media projects. She acquired andragogical knowledge at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and multimedia skills at the Institute and Academy for Multimedia in Ljubljana. After finished BA Media Project Management studies at Middlesex University in London and post graduate studies of Graphic Design at the London College UCK, she completed the MA thesis at the School of Arts University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia), New media department.

Petra Brnardic (Zagreb, Croatia, 1978) Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2004, she is working on short experimental movies for several years, and she usually use collage technique and surreal, vivid, psychedelic imagery inspired by silent movie era, underground and cult movies mostly from the 60s-early 80s, horror and camp aesthetics and other forms of arts. “My cinema is visual poetry, often brutal, macabric, hallucinant and full of polarities, like sex and death or good versus evil, just like the deepest caves of human psyche and ocean of subconsciousness”.

Greta Isabella Conte (Cologne, Germany, 1990) is a young cinematographer, photographer and film director. With 23 years, she moved to Hamburg where she worked as a camera assistant and where her career as a camerawoman started. Since 2016 she lives in Berlin where she studies cinematography at the renown Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. He works in the film industry (in 2017 he made an erotic short film produced by Erika Lust as a director), and at the same time continues his research in nude photography.

Johannes C. Gerard (Cologne, Germany, 1959). Dutch/german artist, he studied at School of Printmaking and Design, Cologne, Germany and at Dun Laogharie School of Art and Design, Dublin. During his art career lived and worked among others in Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Taiwan. Currently lives in Berlin and The Hague (NL). Since 1981 participation in exhibitions, projects, video/film world festivals. In 2007 photography, installation, printmaking became main disciplines. In 2012 first videoinstallations. In 2014 first videofilms. At the same time became interested in performance arts.

Werther Germondari (Rimini, Italy, 1963), visual artist and filmmaker. Graduated in Institutions of Direction at the University of Bologna and at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, collaborates since 1988 with Maria Laura Spagnoli (Amelia, Italy, 1960) Graduated in History of Music at the University of Rome, and in Institutions of Direction at the University of Bologna. Their first shortfilm was in the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 1994. The video in the exhibition is one of the episodes of their film project in progress ‘Tractatus logico-phileroticus’.

Eduardo Herrera (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1977) graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and Visual Arts at the Antonio Berni Institute (Buenos Aires). He completed a residensy  in the art of ceramics at the Gaetano Ballardini Institute in Faenza and followed a course in holistic ceramics and shamanic techniques at the Condorhuasi Institute in Buenos Aires. “+ is a kind of ritual videoart project, a meditation videoart project in which all that I see it's not real and the rest I ignore...I just don't see it. I can only feel through my body what is around me and inside of me” (E.H.).

il7-Marco Settembre (Rome, Italy, 1966), graduated in Sociology cum laude with a thesis on video art and Bill Viola, is a cultural journalist for Art a part of cult (ure). As a photographer, his aesthetic research as a flaneur insists on urban decay, alienation and enigmatic, is part of the Gallerati Gallery stables and his photographic works are accompanied by short narrative texts which he then declaims in performative readings. He published "Esterno, giorno" and "Elucubrazioni a buffo!" He is Di-Rector of the Décollage de 'Pataphysique of Rome".


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