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Everybody has his own Duchamp

Tribute to Gian Paolo Berto

"Everybody has his own Duchamp" is a blatant declaration of freedom, in sharp detachment with an art that is boxed up and defined, already depleted before it was even born. Freedom in form, conceptual freedom and ultimately expressive freedom, in which every personality has the ability to freely flow his own creative energy. It could only be accepted by a place where all this already happens, Studio Sotterraneo. The student who pays homage to the Master in a single and continuous flow of life.

The exhibition will be a tribute to the artistic life of Gianpaolo Berto; through his works, we will retrace the salient moments of the spirit of his art. Moving from painting to collage, to ready-made we will immerse ourselves in a conception of a work in which past, present and future intersect in a continuous flow of calls, quotations and reflections. Berto in this sense reveals himself as a true master, able to browse the pages of his experience with humility and above all putting it in the hand of future.
His works appear to be heterogeneous at first sight, but traveled, for a careful look, from the same powerful breath of life, capable of generating a temporal and mystical short-circuit in the observer. The stimulus becomes from this, from the character entrusted to the symbol that the artist often uses to portray an idea from Dada and Pop.
With Berto, there will be the artists of Studio Sotterraneo, with the aim of creating a bridge between past, present and future. The energy of art revolves and unfolds in this place full of meaning, not only artistic but also conceptual. The common denominator is introspective research, going to the bottom of every technique, to every symbol, pushing the knowledge of oneself deeper and deeper towards the search for truth.