ROME NORTH SOUTH Riccardo Venturi

Rome at the center of Italy and Europe, borderland.

Rome at the center of Italy and Europe, a land border, crossroads of peoples and different cultures.
Italy has always been a land of emigration, and even today, based on the latest statistics, it emerges that there are many more Italians who emigrate abroad than the number of immigrants who disembark from us.
Rome as a cultural root but also as a middle ground, a crossroads between those who leave and those who arrive, carrying their baggage of memories, hopes and traditions.
In this context Venturi proposes his reflection through a wide selection of his work aimed at telling the Italians of today, between tradition, history and new migrations.

Starting from Rome and beyond, he tackles the theme of the Italians of Europe, retracing their traces from the early 900 to today, portraying the new Italian communities and contextually telling the recent immigration, from landings to Lampedusa up to new settlements in the suburbs of the city.

The exhibition includes an installation of two simultaneous projections, with a dedicated sound design, aimed at involving the viewer inside the flow of events and the history of which Rome was a witness.

The selection of Venturi's photographic work, as well as including some of his archive photos on immigration in Italy, also showcases his latest work Italiani d'Europa, realized in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with National Geographic Italy, in addition to winning the "Tutino Prize" in 2017 and, in 2018, the prestigious journalistic prize "Il Premiolino".

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