DaSca's Open Studio

DaSca's Open Study edited by Annalisa Perriello

During the event there will be an intervent by Roberto Luciani

The artistic research of Dasca stems from the desire to create a balance between contrasting parts: full and empty that alternate, chase each other, follow each other and in some way cohabit. There is an alternation of surfaces always tending to search for a material harmony between smooth and rough, light and dark, which brings the works, albeit abstract, to a more classical dimension in terms of composition. The artist, working with different materials - ceramic, bronze - creates surreal figures that tangle in space. His is an investigation of the various possibilities of form and matter, sometimes his works stem from the need to give voice to his thoughts, to his own experience, while in others it seems to reflect on more universal issues. Dasca uses art as a pretext to solicit reflection and introspection, to explore new forms of cohabitation, between the self and the self and between the self and the other. Making art is like a shamanic ritual, a spiritual or philosophical necessity that moves from ancient and "outmoded" themes: the work must make us question, must be introspection, make us think again "who we are, where we go and what we want".