The secret of the garden

An urban microeden by Donatella Vici, Stefania Di Filippo and Alberto D'Amico

The secret of the garden

Exhibitions for a (micro) urban eden

Born from an idea of ​​Donatella Vici, Stefania Di Filippo, Alberto D'Amico, realized in the Studio Campo Boario. The theme proposed at ROME ART WEEK 2018, the event now in its third edition, is the garden.

A theme whose contours can fade to infinity: from the nostalgic look to the small gardens lost under our eyes, to the visionary contemplation of the planetary garden, or observing, syncretically, the garden in the cultures of others, some of the Orient, for which it is place of musical and amorous enchantment, idyllic transfiguration of an existence beyond death.

The "secret of the garden" involved a large group of artists, including two musicians for a sound processing of the spaces, an integral part of the project.

Let's name them all: Massimo Arduini, Mauro Bagella, Franca Bernardi, Salvatore Cammilleri, Cinzia Colombo, Alberto D'Amico, Isabelle Dehais, Stefania Di Filippo, Rita Mandolini, Marialisa Monna, Julie-Rebecca Poulain, Greetie Louise Roeters, Carla Sacco, Silvia Stucky , Donatella Vici.

In the articulated spaces, a small garden, cellars, secret and mysterious rooms on the ground floor, an apartment housed under a glass bell, a balcony overlooking the cemetery, each artist has chosen his own corner and will treat it like a fragment of his garden poetic: they will be canvases, fabrics, stones, photographs, fabrics, lights, installations; the music will permeate the atmosphere with invisible and concrete threads at the same time.

The secret garden is located right at the beginning of Viale del Campo Boario, a stone's throw from the Pyramid and the place where the ashes of Gramsci lay.


Artists not present in this edition