Photo exhibition by the Spanish artist Aitor Lara (20 works 50 x 70cm)

Aitor Lara 2018

Aitor Lara 2018

The Ducci Foundation, which has always been committed to promoting and enhancing the aspects that make the common European cultural heritage unique and the Italian one in particular, presents on the occasion of RAW 2018 the photographic exhibition "Neapolis MMXVIII" focusing precisely on the city of Naples, inspiring muse for intellectuals of all ages , fascinated by the harmony of its landscapes, the beauty of its architectures and the exuberance of its inhabitants, but also a meeting point for strident contrasts.

The goal is to provide through the shots of a great Spanish photographer, Aitor Lara, a cross-section of a metropolis of extraordinary vitality despite the contradictions that have always represented a constant in its historical development, even in periods when its ferment they placed it among the leading cities on the European scene.

The choice of a Spanish artist is obviously due to the historical link between Naples and Spain began in the sixteenth century and reached its peak under king Charles of Bourbon, who was able to embody the perfect example of "enlightened sovereign",  a monarch who surrounded himself by intellectuals, artists and politicians who carried forward the ideas of enlightenment.

The close connection between Spain and Naples, result of this intense tie, still appears evident and tangible today in the artistic, architectural, linguistic and historical heritage of the city of  Naples.