Time codes by Trani-Sbaraglia

Bipersonal painting by Trani and Sbaraglia

From 19th to 29th October a bi-personal exhibition entitled "Time Codes" by Alessandro Trani and Daniele Sbaraglia will be on display. Both capable of generating questions and reflections in the observer, the abstractionism of their works leads to an introspective journey in which every observer recognizes his mental and temporal "code".

Alessandro Trani, the ability to paint and represent an interior world seizing the artistic opportunity of the landscape, creating a cultural and emotional bridge with those who observe his works, Master Trani is a poet who subtly, with a discreet, metaphorical, elegant painting and essential, it leads us in that parallel reality made of silence and personal paradise, such as the sea and the natural elements bring to life the true identity of man and the reflection gives way to a hypnotic flow, which leads to the journey inside oneself, the most important journey for every human being.

The works of Sbaraglia as an introspective journey question us about the state of things, of time, of space. His art penetrates into the subconscious of each of us and makes us reflect. What lies behind a fold of color? Behind a spatula stroke? Nothing is left to chance, its forms so extreme are a code to read for those who can decode, or to learn for those who can not interpret. His research led him to modulate the use of color to make it rarefied as a breath of wind. Sbaraglia through his canvases wants to represent something extremely visceral and tell what remains when the matter stops being such ...