CITOFONARE "ARTE" - Temporary Gallery

Temporary Gallery - Exhibition: Ferri, Peraccini, Schiavone, Turri


CITOFANARE "ARTE" - Temporary Gallery

The event presents  the works of the four artists in two different expositions ,ranging from modern to contemporary art, through different and unusual means and expressive methods, proposing works with a strong character that narrate a human, urban and ancestral dimension.


Ancestral is the research of PAMELA FERRI which, by a particular a concept of space and time, presents the intuitive study of fractal geometry and the harmonic theory of strings, proposing pictorial works, installations, sculptures and performances by an abstract and modular expressive language


LETIZIA PERACCINI’s pictorial narrative is characterized by peasant everyday life, emblem of "simple life".  She has intensified the study of “the true and the real" with her works, developing her pictorial research on the "suburbs" theme, revisited in a rural key, representing a human dimension that ranges between the work in the fields and the relaxing moment in the “bar” .


Intimacy, individuality and introspection are just a few characteristics of the psychological and artistic research of LUISIANO SCHIAVONE which, in a harmonious alternation of figurative and informal language, translates with mixed technique execution into portraits and abstract compositions on canvas. Works with a strong character that leave space for free reflection to the observer, between his own, the artist one and the subject portrayed gaze.


FABIO TURRI’s shoots tell us about an urban universe full of humanity, glimpses of a city fabric in which lights and shadows, spaces, lines, empty and full, narrate the physical/architectural framework and the people who live in it, by a street photographer uncommon language bare of banality.

Different lives in cosmopolitan environments, the pleasure of detail, the propensity to capture diversity in the confusion of contemporary homologation.