Natura satura - Fe Cipriani

Digital Art to stop the hands of time and make the invisible visible.

Fe Cipriani and her artworks are back in Rome.

Her artwork is the result of the contemplation of the moment: it is all about discovering those beings which are found in hidden and humid spaces, maybe behind a stone. Mushrooms, moss and lichen constitute a micro flora that catch our eyes the very moment we stare at it. Observing them it is like stopping the hands of time and their complex simplicity invite us to meditate about our own life.

Fe Cipriani, Visual Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina where she is currently studying Design and Landscaping. She made her artistic career in Italy, she was disciple of masters such as Turi Sottile, Eugenio Riotto and Vincenzo Bianchi. She was recognized with Federcultura Centro Periferia and Ravello Lab Awards.

Her artworks have been shown in Rome, Palermo, Florence, Padua, Bologna and  Buenos Aires of course.

Art curator Raffaella Salato