color and dynamism

Color and dynamism "is the name of the new exhibition at Galleria SpazioCima

The shapes of Picasso, the rich brushstrokes of Edvard Munch, the colors of Wassily Kandinsky, the "pop" subjects of Andy Warhol: Nino Attinà seems to want to draw from the great twentieth century paintings for his new exhibition, at the same time intense and inspired. Between whole figures and close-ups, between female subjects from the roundish procores to the most austere men, the artist proposes little glimpses of life and everyday life, which explode, however, thanks to the richness of color and light that the painter instills in a conscious way and careful.

THE EVENT - "Color and dynamism" is the name of the new exhibition of Galleria SpazioCima, located in Via Ombrone 9, Rome, which will open Wednesday, October 3, from 18:30 to 22:30, and will continue until Wednesday 31 October The exhibition, curated and organized by Roberta Cima, is free admission, from Monday to Thursday from 3 to 7 pm and on Fridays from 10 to 13. About thirty works on display.

THE STYLE - The painter takes up again the lesson of the Synthetic Cubism of Picasso and Georges Braque to propose forms capable of giving the sense of movement to that sort of photography. The subjects seem to be posing then, but never immobile. Posture, angles and settings suggest a life scene that goes beyond, giving depth and character to the exhibited subjects. In these paintings there are no dramas or loves, but fragments of everyday life that become extraordinary thanks to the strong and wise chromaticity acquired over the years by Attinà.

THE STRENGTH OF COLORS - "In his artistic world Nino Attinà colors the air with great strength - explains Osvado Patani, art critic and journalist - They are colors that the artist moves with full-blown brushes especially in the human figures treated with unpredictable cinematographic rhythm: Attinà has created a super-color director with unimaginable realist pictures, in his restless and mystical works, super-prepared with the spring of his eyes but far from the fashion of his colleagues today. force of colors Certain trees inserted in a jet are parachutes of its landscapes in movement.You must look closely at these 'luminous paintings' to recognize their pictorial qualities and discover the virtues of the vivid colors that defy the time of painting, and where there is it is unexpected grace ".

BIOGRAPHY OF NINO ATTINA '- Nino Attinà was born in Reggio Calabria in 1953. After studying art, he moved to Milan where he began to teach and dedicate himself to painting. Founder, along with other artists, of the group "I Mediterranei", is the protagonist of numerous exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Berlin. He is also a member of the artists of the Permanent Museum of Milan. In the works of Attinà we find "Picasso echoes" of extraordinary sensitivity and beauty, which tell a dynamic humanity. Works with fast lines, faces just sketchy, flashes of color and dynamism. A riot of colors, like a dance.


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