Carolyn Angus and Gregor Becker

two person exhibition open 15:00-20:00

STUDIO YES with curator Emanuela Ricciardi Piccolo is proud to present during RAW the recent artworks from Carolyn Angus (Great Britainn) and Gregor Becker (Germany). Both mature artists with a distinctive artistic language and working techniques. On show are the large size, highly detailed, monochromatic drawings on paper by Carolyn Angus and the chromatic handmade 3D paper pixel works by Gregor Becker.  

The presence of nature appears immediately in the works of Carolyn Angus and Gregor Becker. It is clear and strong. Nature is their inspiration, the Muse that pulls them into a creative vortex and keeps them prisoner in the studio until the work is completed. Carolyn Angus lets herself be taken by the shapes and the elegance of her Muse and by her calm that always returns even after the storm. Gregor Becker is rather a prisoner of Nature’s moodiness, her capriciousness, her colours and her eternal changes even in the calmest of calm.
One inspiration for two profoundly different and passionate artists with distinctive artistic language and working techniques.

Emanuela Ricciardi Piccolo