Roberta Morzetti and Mara Celani, Art Exhibition of Sculpture and Photography

Art and photography fuse in the works of Roberta Morzetti and Mara Celani, both exhibiting at RAW, the Rome Art Week 2018, third edition to be held in Rome from 22 to 27 October.

Mara loves to shoot urban environment in which she lives, where sublime and decadence meet together, on one side the magnificence of Rome's eternal light, on the other the secret beauty of her suburban decadence. But it is the details that hit her eye and her lens. She searches for microscopic landscapes and forms of inanimate and corrupt materials. Another passion of Mara consists in photographing sculptures and it is from here that the inspiration came to give new detailed light to the works of Roberta Morzetti.

Roberta Morzetti, artist from Tuscania, with her works shapes the material according to her way of seeing the world, now veined with suffering, now with disillusionment, but also with regeneration and re-start. Well Mara, through her objective and a molecular reading of some details of Roberta's works, manages to abstract a work that is instead based on concreteness and on materiality.

So a new perspective for sculptures like BebéBangBang, Bona Dea, Coriandoli, R-Existence, C5-C7 to get to Bouquet, the latest creation inspired by the concept of vanity that so much inspired artists in the 1600's with its symbolism allusive to the transience of life (the name derives from the biblical phrase 'vanitas vanitatum and omnia vanitas' or 'vanity of vanities and all things vanity', ed).

Photography becomes an instrument of exploration of the sculptural work, capturing a detail, a form, a meaning that allow the observer to enter into a new and different relationship with the work and with the sculptor himself.


Artists not present in this edition