Artists with permanent works in the Gallery and works coming from a selection pr

Rossocinabro Rome

Rossocinabro Rome

This exhibition of original artworks explores the diversity of the topics that highlight the cultural heritage of artists coming from a selection program that Rossocinabro will exhibit together with works from the Gallery's permanent collection.

Forty pieces of original artwork divided into five categories - painting, drawing, photography, graphics, sculpture - depict a variety of artistic styles and mediums. Users can find in-depth information on each artist on the show, in alphabetical order or divided by category (figuration, abstraction and informal, photography, digital art and sculpture)

Janice Alamanou, Jonathan Alfaro, Maria De Vido, Jari Di Giampietro, Onno Dröge, Eivor Ewalds, Ana Paola González, Linda Grool, Gul Durmayaz Guducu, Andreina Guerrieri, Sabine Heetebrij, Gary Hopkins, Osamu Jinguji, Stefanie Kamrath, Aleksandra Kosoń, Ioanna Konstantinou, Judy Lange, Lisa J Levasseur, LiV,  Alexandra Mekhanik, Mikesch, Elvio Miressi, Paris Leroy, Irena Procházková, Daniela Rebecchi, Sandra Schawalder, Shigeru K, Gladys Sica, Nabeel Siddiqui, Ildikó Terebesi, Anthony Vella

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