Fabio Maria Alecci's Open Studio

BOOMERANG: Four studios of artists, located in the heart of the city, 
create an imaginary line that establishes a dialogue
and compares their respective works. A semicircular path
that from the tenant arrives to via labicana and that,
like a boomerang, returns to the starting point
leaving traces during its journey. It will therefore be possible to visit the places
where each artist develops his thoughts
and find evidence of the work of the other involved studios.

Studio 1 • Via Napoleone III, 89 • Massimo Ruiu

Studio 2 • Via Bixio, 41 • Francesco Impellizzeri • Mikele Abramo

Studio 3 • Via Bixio, 41 • Fabio Maria Alecci • Gianluca Esposito • con Primarosa Cesarini Sforza

Studio 4 • Via Labicana, 29 • Flavia Bigi • Gaia Scaramella • Francesca Romana Pinzari