American Illustrator

History of American illustrators from the early 1900s to the 1980s

The Different Springtime - Walter M. Baumhofer

The Different Springtime - Walter M. Baumhofer

The Collezionando Gallery was born just like that, with an exhibition dedicated to American illustrators ... "Norman Rockwell's rivals"

For this reason the gallery participates for the first time at the Rome Art Week with a new exhibition on illustrators.

There will be on display original paintings, gouache on paper and studies for advertising illustrations

Covers of the Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, Life, Red Book, the main magazines of the time with stories illustrated by artists on display.
Illustrations, gouaches and studies by the likes of Walter M. Baumhofer, Tom Webb, Frederic Varady, Joe de Mers, Courtney Allen, Paul Burns, Andy Virgil and Dean Cronwell.

From the illustration for the inauguration of the Railway to the stories of the post up to the study of the murals at the Rockefeller Center we will take a journey through the illustration in all its facets.