Luce_arte's Open Studio

The Door

 The Artist Giovanna de Giglio ,in art 'Luce' shows her works and performs at InFunzione at Lanificio

For artweek 2018 she opens the doors of the studio InFunzione where she's actually producing .


Monday 22 from 4 pm to 10 pm open doors 

Tuesday23 from 4 pm to 10 pm open doors . Performance at 8 pm

Wednesday 24 from 4 pm to 10 pm open doors . Perfomance at 8 pm following wine 

wine paring offered by 'Etruscaia' and meditation connected 

Giovanna de Giglio, in art ‘Luce’ meaning ‘light’, is a roman based artist, often traveling around the world teaching meditation and yoga. Giovanna’s main language is performance and body art. She puts in scene transformative rituals through paintings, dance and breath. In fact, her creative activity mainly takes place in contact with the ground, horizontally, involving the body in a dance of materials and practices till reaching a verticality of emotions.


The involvement of meditative practices, that she combines with art and breathing techniques, in order to reach an aware state of presence, that moves her body in a flow and spontaneous dance that is translated than into colors, is propaedeutic for en existential transformation of the spectator that mirrors the healing of the artists process.


Therefore, the artists enacts a spiritual journey where ‘the other’ not only watches her flux of transformation, yet also becomes an integral part of the sacred ritual of the ‘visceral opening’ of the artist. It is like a personal statement saying ‘I exist alone’ ‘these are my prints’

During performances Luce gets free of her dependence of the gaze of ‘the other’ in order to exist fragmenting herself and then recomposing again in order to sublimate that greed that pushes her to exceed, the hunger that brings her to feel horror and repentance and then transform in a deep acceptance and in a even stronger affirmation of her freedom.


Therefore, Giovanna, in her performances, allows spectators to assist in a intimate way to the ‘evisceration’ of herself in a process of memory and identity acquisition and limits recognition troughs dynamics of expansions (chaos) and contractions (return to stillness).




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