Heaven and Hell are just one breath away !

Heaven and Hell: the "pop" search for a meaning and a high purpose in life.

Keith Haring : Heaven and Hell

Keith Haring : Heaven and Hell


Banksy, Costa, Ferrone Viola, Haring, Hirst, Indiana, K Guy, Montariello, Obey, Stasi, Studwell, Warhol



Opening: Monday 22nd October 2018 6.00pm - 9.30pm

Exhibit: 22 October - 27 october 2018


Restelliartco Gallery

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Heaven and Hell are just one breath away! The clash between Good and Evil that always moves the destinies of the world is an assumption on which everyone has always agreed, the problems rise when it comes to recognizing the actors on stage: who are the good guys ? Who are they? Tthe bads? What is the road to hell? Does anyone really know the direction to paradise? Ça va sans dire that the most dazzling answers to the debated problem have always found the artists: Hell and heaven are at the distance of a breath, said Andy Warhol with absolute knowledge of the cause, since his own life was the demonstration of the constant interference between two polarities placed from one to another at a distance that is so close as to get confused.


Superficial, worldly night club animal, but also a diligent lender of a voluntary service at the table of the poor, Pope of pop is one of the protagonists of the exhibition created by Filippo Restelli and Raffaella Rossi to recount the ambiguity of life. "The strength of the works on display - explains Filippo Restelli - lies in their ability to tell the world in which we live, the vital ambivalence of everyday life, cultured perfectly by the artists of historical pop and their heirs".


Giacomo Costa, Fabio Ferrone Viola, Stasi and Antonio Montariello are the Italian artists chosen to contribute to a choral story in which the narrative voices are those of absolute protagonists of the world art scene from the post-war period to the contemporary of the first decades of the new millennium. Next to the name of Andy Warhol, those of Robert Indiana, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Banksy, K Guy, Obey (Frank Shepard Fairey) and David Studwell stand out.



Among the featured works:


Damien Hirst

The Last Supper, 2005

Color offset on paper - 200 x 152 cm


The last dinner for Damien Hirst. A monumental geographic map in which the part of the twelve Apostles and Jesus touch the thirteen nations of the world that hold nuclear weapons.


Keith Haring

Keith Haring - Lucio Amelio, 1983

A selection of lithographs on paper from the 30-page artist book created by Haring in 1983 in collaboration with the gallery owner Lucio Amelio.


Art lovers know this: behind the stereotype of the picturesque postcard city of Naples, there is an instinct and a very special taste for the contemporary. The confirmation comes from the extraordinary tables taken from the artist's book by Keith Haring made in 1983 on the occasion of his first Italian exhibition. The event brought the signature of a brilliant Neapolitan gallerist, Lucio Amelio, one of the first in Europe to understand the potential of the writer destined to leave its mark in the visual language of the 20th century. The text is completely absent, but the thirty lithographs in black and white speak clearly of the themes dear to the artist, not least that, very current, sexual abuse.



Bomb Hugger - Bomb Girl, 2003

Spray paint on cardboard with stencil technique - 52 x 61 cm


The girl with braids tenderly embraced an aerial bomb could be the manifesto of an exhibition in which the ambivalence of everyday life is often told with provocative irony. The work was actually created as a manifesto, in fact it was conceived by Bansky as an iconic image for the protest march against the Iraq war held in London in 2003.