Collective art exhibition curated by Fabio Matthew Lanna

On the occasion of the third edition of RAW - Rome Art Week 2018, an event promoted by the KOU association, the online contemporary art magazine Urban Mirrors is pleased to introduce its first collective exhibition: "SENSUM", curated by Fabio Matthew Lanna. In his words: "An exhibition that involves artists better and lesser known with whom Urban Mirrors has developed a close relationship for years. These artists have left their mark for the passion and quality of their work."

Just "passion" is the fil rouge of this collective, in which every work tells of the emotion that inspired the author to create it. And that's how the title SENSUM is born, from the Latin root word for sentiment and declining it to the accusative, to better highlight "the emotional object" at the center of the scene.

Anthropologically speaking, art in its various manifestations has always been the favourite means of humanity to convey their feelings: joy, excitement, sadness, anger, fear... With this exhibition we want to emphasize the ability of every artist in reproducing a moment of their life and transfiguring it through the geometric shapes, the colors and styles which make it unique. The exhibition path allows the visitor to appreciate the technical variety of the contemporary production with combinations studied to make the works interact with each other.

SENSUM wants to reflect on the mood of the artist and, in a broader sense, of today's mankind, committed to breaking down the complexity of the world by reflecting it in his works: reality with all its sentimental dimensions, is so filtered, transformed and, why not, even lost in an aesthetic utopia.

The group exhibition is an initiative of Urban Mirrors, the online magazine published by Fabio Matthew Lanna with the collaboration of Loriana Pitarra. Thanks to the Club55 Pigneto space, which hosts the exhibition, and RAW Rome Art Week, for having believed in the project and having included it in the various venue events during the contemporary art week in Rome 2018.

Artists featured in the exhibition:

Angela Donatelli

Benedetto Ferraro

Daniela Carletti

Eleonora Gugliotta

Luigi Ballarin

Massimiliano Ferragina

Monica Argentino

Pamela Napoletano

Salvatore Cammilleri

Stefania Cecchetti

Stefania Mussolino

Valentina Grilli