Renzo Bellanca - The Journey

Exhibition by Renzo Bellanca at Relais Rione Ponte

Satellite Map 5 - 2018 - tecnica mista su carta fatta a mano - cm 52,5x72,5

Satellite Map 5 - 2018 - tecnica mista su carta fatta a mano - cm 52,5x72,5

Relais Rione Ponte, in collaboration with Emmeotto gallery presents the solo exhibition The Journey by the artist Renzo Bellanca. On show works realized in recent years, new production and site specific interventions where some themes that characterize the artist's production are found and rediscovered: the interpretation of the material, the idea of ​​stratigraphy, the overlapping of physical, emotional and mental elements, the contamination between experience, present and memory that give life to History and the line of Time, mythology, travel. The concept of travel is interpreted here as a transition from one destination to another, an uninterrupted journey through the experiences of existence in an ever-changing mutation, which consists of maps, routes, crossings, spatial passages, inside and outside each one of us, without correspondences and precise references to real geography. The desire and the necessity of erring have always led, through the movement of human flows, to the generation and transformation of the territories and spaces, to create the culture and the thought of each population, our baggage to carry around, to leave or to arrive to new places, both physical and mental. Renzo Bellanca's works emerge from a dimension between reality and subconscious, imagination and narration, physical and intellectual migration, an exploration of "other" worlds outside the "self" and "here and now". The use of mixed technique, through a combination of careful knowledge of materials and experimentation on different supports (canvas, paper...) gives life to an articulated structure which captures the viewer between emotional impact and inner zeal. Through the stratigraphy, an overlap of signs, images and color is generated in a combination never equal to itself. The painting with its intense but light chromatic backgrounds guides us towards our journey, in search of contamination between the different levels of the individual. Topographic maps, stratigraphy and local plants are the basis and the tool for visual design in order to build, deconstruct, add, overlay elements, calibrate positive and negative space, give nourishment and meaning to the journeys to be made, itineraries to complete up to the "ideal place", neither physical nor mental, but the "inside of us". As part of the Relais Rione Ponte, which has always promoted the sharing between hospitality and contemporary art, the exhibition sets the goal and the intent to create that visual and emotional interaction between exhibited works and travellers who will spend inside the set up spaces the time of their passage. Renzo Bellanca, born in Aragona (Ag) in 1965, has been living and working in Rome for about thirty years. Artist, set designer, and teacher of Scenotecnica at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he approaches painting at an early age investigating the expressive possibilities of different materials. Since the 90s, research and artistic experimentation has developed and interacts with cinema, theater and television, collaborating with directors and authors such as Virzi, Muccino, Giordana, De Sica, Risi, Veronesi, Ronconi, Landi, Placido and many others. From the 2000s to today it is the protagonist of important exhibitions, which present a mature language that focuses on matter and on the sign up to the concept of stratigraphic section: "Doppio Linguaggio" at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome (solo exhibition born from a multicultural project in collaboration with some important writers such as Savatteri, Cotroneo, Falconi, Calaciura, Galluzzo, Camarrone...), participation in the 54th Venice Biennale - Italian Pavilion, "Urban Skin" at the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation in Arpino and "Everywhere, Nowhere"at the Honos Art gallery in Rome.


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