Rembrandt. From the 'Faust in the study' to the Self-portrait of 1665

Giorgio Di Vita

Giorgio Di Vita, at the presentation of his book

Giorgio Di Vita, at the presentation of his book "Il bambino delle ombre", "Pictura" (Città Nuova) 2010

The event is included in the exhibition of ARTISTI INTERNAZIONALI DELLA GALLERY UNO DI BERLINO, at the Art Exhibition Link - Artists Studio, Via di Borgo Pio 125.

Stefano Bolcato, Simone ElsingLaura GrossoMarkus Kohn , Anthony LombardiChryssis Vici, will be present at the opening.


Giorgio Di Vita

The idea is to unveil some "mysteries" contained in Rembrandt's paintings: The meaning of the cockerel hanging from the girl's belt in the Night Watch, the luminous appearance in Faust in the study, the circles in one of his last self-portraits. Will be offered a reconstruction of his first years of life and his "rough" way that brings him closer to nineteenth-century painters, from Courbet to the Impressionists.

Giorgio Di Vita, writer and designer, was born in Rome on May 18, 1955, the city where he lives and works. After graduating from the First Art High School in Rome, he graduated in Literature with a thesis on Rembrandt.

His professional debut tooks place in 1974. His work as an illustrator, comic strip artist and editor of an editorial service studio, led him to collaborate with many important Italian publishers: Editoriale Domus, Comic Art, Egmont, Edizioni Panini, Franco Cosimo Panini, Disney Italy, Vallardi, Mondadori and others. In 1993, he joined the group of Disney comics designers of which he is still part.

As a writer and art historian he is the creator of a series of art for children "Pictura" (New Town) and publishes in 2010 the novel "The Child of Shadows" on the childhood of Rembrandt (Giunti), winner of several awards . He is also the author of articles and stories on historical-artistic topics.

In 2010 he also published a memoir novel about Peppino Impastato, a journalist and his friend killed by the mafia in 1978. Between 2008 and 2009 he directed the children's area of the Play Press children's publishing house.