Viola Di Massimo's Open Studio

From October 22 till October 27, 2018 Viola Di Massimo will open her studio. Title of these open days is "Just for a moment": at the back of an art work, there is always an unmeasurable perturbation.

These open days are related to Rome Art Week.

During these open days it will be possible to see the pictorial, graphic and sculptural works.

On Tusday October 23 Andrea Amato will show hoI an art work can influence its enviroment.

I often close my eyes and fancy myself painting in a state of grace and slackness with a smile of peace and serenity… but slowly I start feeling myself nervous and upset for this image that was never real for me. This image is questionable. Time ago I wrote straight out that “my peace is in my anguish”. I tried to understand the reason.

Painting, producing upset myself totally and everywhere. In the depths of my being as outside, in the place where I work, I bring about chaos. An indescribable sensation of which I can’t give up, a so great anguish to be rewarded by the shortest moments of unthinkable fullness. It’s too litttle but satisfaction is so strong that it turns indispensable. This vicious circle creates an undoubted perennial tension but as soon as it’s possible going beyond I feel myself free and filled with joy at the perception of the freedom in my being, identity and expression. I am sure that just there, just only in that moment, as for magic, the art essence work springs up. After there are only useful brush strokes, but these ones are as a body around a soul.

Behind an art work, great or small, there is always an unmeasurable perturbation; there is the “collection” made of emotions, experiences, pains and states of spirits lived directly as those experienced and related by others’ lives. A fundamental collection that feeds the soul.

The melt of all this is the perturbation that springs up that only moment in which an artist work arises.

Is all this anguish worth for short satisfaction moments? It’s useless thinking about. The right answer is only in the action.

In this studio new open days it will be possible to see the last works and the works in fieri. By stealth you can be able to touch the painting colours, all without caps so that you will stain yourselves and will be detected. You can smell parfumes, listen to the stones, live for a few hours in a new world. But, first and foremost, I will steal a bit of your anguish.