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Trace of Woman

Four women, four artists, four different styles.

Trace of Woman

Four women, four artists, four different styles

It's a game of shapes revised in contrasting styles but at the same time in communion with each other

As a passage of the ancient arts revisited then in a modern key

Irem Incedayi with its ancient symbols, traditions of his country of origin and curved forms approaches the portraits not intended as physiognomy, but as a fingerprint, represented by the three-dimensional curvilinear signs of Micaela Legnaioli.

Francesca Merola, with the ancient technique of mosaic, takes square tiles from the stone and creates three-dimensional figures, relating to the coloured squares that symbolize Pop works of both painting and sculpture by Chicca Savino.

Guests of Prati Urbani, a new concept of cured and welcoming catering, their works will frame the particular presentation of the place and their dishes to taste.