Meeting with some of the artist of MOMA Hostel-Habitable Museum

More than 80 art works and 23 artist to know with the creator of MOMA Hostel

23 artist for the Habitable Museum

23 artist for the Habitable Museum

MOMA Hostel - Habitable museum

in Via Paolo II, 7 Rome (50 mt. from the train station San Pietro; 200 mt. from the colonnade of St. Peter)


It is a new Concept Hostel dedicated to the new generations of travelers.








With works by Diamond, Davide Dormino, Barbara Salvucci, Matteo Giuntini, Luca Grechi, Virdi, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Franco Losvizzero, Mauro Magni, Angelo Colagrossi, Gaia Scaramella, Cristiano Quagliozzi, Raimondo Galeano, Tiziana Cera Rosco, Giacomo Tringali and many others.

It is the number zero of a touristic format for young people who want to make their trip an occasion to share.

Get to know new individuals and encounter contemporary art.

A Hostel, like others already existing in Europe, but unique in its realization, projected in the new millennium with vanguard technologies (high speed wi-fi, possibility to rent an iPad, electronic keys/badge and/or with numeric codes) contemporary design, an integrated art gallery, a Boutique Hostel (possibility to buy items, works, fitments).

Born within the mind of an artist, it is the place to live the experience of sleeping in an art work. Stay the night in a museum in order to make the “contemporary” experience immersing at 360 degrees.

Not everyone is allowed. The individuals have to guarantee a certain standard of integrative capacity, curiosity, education, and sociality.

It is the place where one passes from the virtual reality of social media to the reality of encounters. You get to enter only if you are in possession of a Facebook account.

The individuals can get to know each other virtually first and even organize tours prior to arriving.

A virtual space and then a “real” one where one can travel alone or with a friend in order to encounter elsewhere … the other … Art!


powered by Franco Losvizzero


Uff.Stampa Francesco Caruso Litrico

mob. +39 333 468 2892