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Mirko Magnalardi Baffetti's Open Studio

INTO THE GARAGE - Open Studio by Rakele Tombini & Mirko Magnalardi Baffetti in collaboration with Laura Casella and Faro

In the heart of
Piazza Bologna, a few steps away from metro B, there is a small
workshop. It is a workshop full of ideas ideas, where projects and collaborations are born. You
 could come across camouflage scenes with furniture that turn into
 sculptures that are mounted together giving a flavor of Ready Made.

During this Open Studio, you won't attend an exhibition of our final work but you will be part of an happening, an itinenary of our work. we will illustrate  you how we work, design and collaborate. It will be opened on Wednesday 11th October with the presentation of Rakele and Mirko' installations and on the closing day Thursday 12th October, you will be enriched with the visual graphic through the illustrations of Laura and Faro.


Artists not present in this edition