Fulvio Bucelli's Open Studio

Giulia and Antonello Tango 2

Giulia and Antonello Tango 2


energies of the sign and the color

Mixed media by Fulvio Bucelli

Curated by Francesco Ruggiero

Art inn

via degli Orti d'alibert 30, 00165 Rome

Inauguration: Monday, 9 October at 18

On the occasion of RAW graphite drawings and mixed media exhibited by Fulvio Bucelli on the subject of dance and movement until 19 October 2017.

The theme very dear to the artist: is a research on the dynamics of the image. Sharp shapes that, with the use of pencil eraser, it shatters the trait in the breath of life by creating continuous movements in a final vibrant design.

Gum surgery subtracts sign and adds the rest of chiaroscuro representation. Is an integration of the inner world and the outer world: the surrounding space

A soul-body and body-space ratio

Where the color is triggered, it breaks into black and white to contrast and enrich the shape's movement.

From a world bathed in light and shade the color boosts the vitality of black and white into a different final result.



Artists not present in this edition