Alberta Piazza's Open Studio


project for Alberta Piazza and Giuliana Silvestrini

edited by Gloria Zarletti


I know the skies exploding in flashes, and the trumpets/laughs

and currents: I know the evening (s) of the Dawn

exalted as a flock of doves/sometimes I have seen

What man believes he sees!

(Arthur Rimbaud)


The theme of the journey is presented in its widest meaning, as a search for knowledge, the journey of life as birth itself, and then transformation, the path of physical and mental change, discovery, separation and memory, including in these aspects the dramatic migration phenomenon of man in our days.

For Alberta Piazza, the experience of travel involves being thrown away from the initial place you live to get to a different location and then go to the unfamiliar. The unknown therefore as the unconscious's need to familiarize itself with the wider world, as spaces found in its own symbolic geography inside and outside. the journey as a reshuffling of parts of one's own identity to reconfigure it with new experiences, as a transformative object that can favour a change of the ego (Leed). The works presented on paper, on fabric and an installation, are centred on the horizontality of the works to mark the unbounded but separable continuity of time.

The Trip of Giuliana Silvestrini

The Journey, understood as the birth of man, separation, memory, migration, is developed through the elaboration of a video and pictorial works on canvas and paper. Bitumen is used in the works as a link to the earth; gold and silver, which make pictorial images almost "icons" reveal a deep need for spirituality. Blue represents the sea, the idea of an "beyond" where imagination, hope, fear and curiosity of the new are mixed together.

The footprints and traces of clothes are memory of us, of our body, maps of our identity and lay down on each other outlining other maps, itineraries, other stories.