Werther Germondari's Open Studio

Werther Germondari, Still Life, triptych, 1986-2016


Firm Objects, The Inanimate Collection / Finissage

As a natural follow-up to the revision of classic themes, and after the last two exhibitions of 2017 dedicated to the portrait and landscape, OGA now presents a still-life exhibition of seven artists, as always, from the collection of the Young Artist Hospice. Sixteenth century art critic called these subjects as "firm objects", with the exact modern meaning of "motionless models", just like the Anglo-Saxon still life.

Artists: Gino Calenda di Tavani, Renzo Foglietta, Fabio Gasparri, Werther GermondariGaetano Mele, Vincenzo Monticelli Cuggiò, il7-Marco Settembre.

Organized by
Werther Germondari