Mediterranean Drift

Exhibition by Silvana Chiozza and Cristina Piceda 14.10.17/14.01.18

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invito web

Opening Saturday October 14, 2017 from 11.30 to 18.30 in Rome, via Santa Maria dell'Anima, 30 at the Eitch Borromini Gallery presents the Mediterranean Drift by Silvana Chiozza and Cristina Piceda - the first personal exhibition in Rome by the Argentine artist - curated by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia and support by the Embassy of the Argentine Republic. The exhibition last until the 14 of january 2018.

The new exhibition project by the Argentine artists Silvana Chiozza and Cristina Piceda present about 35 paintings for the first and sculpture for the second. This exhibition proposes a kind of union between Italy and Argentina, that thin fil rouge that has always existed, a special relationship between these two countries, where the emphasis is on the influence our peninsula exercises and vice versa. The bond that unites and establishes the dialogue between these artists is vibrant, the visitor is dragged into this story of life and let us drag it from memory images with the desire to share it and make it known through the immediacy that only art can give us . The exhibition "Derive Mediterranee" - describes us as curator - offers a dialogue between nature and wonder, where the magnificent works of the two artists lead us. Summoning abstract and not fragments on a trip to the Mediterranean where we can dive between the color of the countryside at sunset and admire the arrival of the moon. The main theme of the exhibition is the emotions in art. Sinuous feminine forms in continuous dialogue enrich the exhibition space of the Borromini Gallery in an accurate and unique way, between descriptive painting with delicate transparent brush strokes of oil on canvas or table of Chiozza; with Carrara white marble sculpture with black of Belgium, lurking between constellations and the fragile but strong iron that speaks to us about Piceda.