Massimo Ruiu - Birds are flying

Pittura murale

Massimo Ruiu, Wall painting, 2017

Massimo Ruiu, Wall painting, 2017

For 25 years I've been living in my palace at Esquiline and I have witnessed all the transformations that have undergone my neighborhood until the degradation that connotes it now. I thought I had to give a signal to redeem the loss of beauty in my way and I activated, restoring the Androne of my palace, recovering the splendor that connoted this architecture at the end of the eighteenth century when the Esquiline was an elegant neighborhood . Architectural elements in faux travertine, shadows on cypresses populated by birds (repeatedly appearing in the decorations of the ceilings of the palace apartments) have turned the door into a neoclassical bird that encloses in the courtyard a fountain always inspired by the theme of the birds.


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