Franco Cenci - The Angelo's song

Note e appunti dalla Campagna di Russia

Franco Cenci, Angelo's story , 2017, collage

The Bottega Guidi is a small museum: inside it time seems to have suddenly stopped . Armando, the owner, an amateur engineer ( which is in itself unusual),takes care of it with meticulous love. On the walls there is a calendar with mobile numbers marked Calze Germani, an old steel fan from 1939, another one pastel coloured from the sixties, and a black telephone communicating with the neighboring warehouse. The wooden floor hides the original yellow tinted cement tiles. The wooden furniture is made of precious Italian walnut and olive, and the stools and loungers are covered with green striped velvet. Everything recalls the time when the shop was first expanded during the forties, although the activity was opened in 1918. The drawers in this shop hide extraordinary stories, like the one left by Angelo, Armando's uncle born in 1916. Unlike his brother Alfredo  (Armando's dad) he did not like to be in the shop. He had a great passion for lyrical music, who had sprung in him when  attending the Costanzi Theater, now the Opera House, and studying singing. In 1942, at the age of 26, he left for the Russian Campaign. In the winter on 1943 he disappeared without a trace in the frozen and immense Russian countryside. Did he die in battle or in a prison camp? or rather exhausted and devoured by a snowstorm?  Franco Cenci collects his few memories, his photos signed by tenors and sopranos, his letters from the front line and he rebuilds with collage and drawing that painful and fascinating page of history.
At 19.40, at Bottega Guidi, "On the Hat", concert by the Fortezza Brothers, Piero and Roberto, Roma Blues Band

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