Mannequin, Art Exhibition by Angelo Saverese

Special guest Roberta Morzetti curator Velia Littera

Opening of the art exhibition "MANNEQUIN" by Angelo Savarese, edited by Velia Littera
Special guest Roberta Morzetti

With the art project "Mannequin", Angelo Savarese reinterprets the "mannequin" with the "Savarese" style, now more than recognizable to a careful audience.

Each of the seven lay-figures on display, is related to one of his poems that Savarese also writes on the canvas. The texts of the poems are then transcribed, both on the mannequin and on the canvas, reinforcing strong concepts on the paths of man, so close to the artist. Artist/Poet, Lay-figures/Canvas, necessary merging to express hidden thoughts behind a mask which cause to the observer intimate and deep themes both visually, through the artistic skill with which he recreates the figures, and with the canvas on which poems are imprinted.
"MYSTERY of life is crossed by a VEIL that hides the desire to be FREE and fearless, those same fears that often torment me by creating the VACUUM and I remain without BREATH, with the doubt that I have wasted MY LIFE" ... .. .... Angelo Savarese
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