Sergio Angeli's Open Studio

Abstract Zone

Abstract Zone


From an idea of Sergio Angeli and Andrea Sampaolo

Curated by Silvia Colasanto



A studio for two artists, a place - the Abstract Zone of the title - where you can access freely during Rome Art Week to see with your hands and touch the works of Sergio Angeli and Andrea Sampaolo with your eyes. Both, with different languages and techniques, adopt the abstract form to convey research and experimentation, exploiting the two-dimensional nature of the media with an increasingly different and autonomous attitude and development. On Saturday, October 14th the Abstract Zone will be the stage for the distinct and separate performances of Angels and Sampaolo, moments wrapped in improvised and improvised sound carpets like the gestures of the two painters.


The starting point and origin of the project is urgency. The urgency, the necessity and the need to share equally the experience of studying and performing with an audience of newcomers, of employees, but above all of non-experts. Because, according to Andrea Sampaolo and Sergio Angeli, artistic making is participation and joint adhesion, in which everyone transfers his modus - thinking and working - to live the creative moment as a unique and unrepeatable expression.

From this need and strong of this need is the decision to open the studio of Andrea Sampaolo (Via Gina Mazza n. 9, zone Rebibbia) for the whole week of Rome Art Week (from Monday 9 to Friday 13 October from 10 am to 7 pm and Saturday 14 October from 10 am to 10 pm) to welcome guests and show them how a day works in a workshop, and how the idea that will give body to the finished work of art develops.

Sergio Angeli and Andrea Sampaolo would like to involve the art schools and art high schools of the territory as well as the students of the Accademia di Via Ripetta, those who are acquiring theoretical and practical training to become artists themselves. These meetings, which want to be far from the traditional and unambiguous didactic practice of teacher and pupil, are a moment of confrontation and binary and bilateral growth in which everyone learns and all teach, so that the questions and curiosities raised by some can be germinative cues for others, in a giving and having circular and fluid.

In this perspective of sharing, hypothesizing a community performative moment is natural and almost ordinary. Saturday, October 14th, the last day of RAW, Sampaolo and Angels join forces and impetus for a demonstration-action of their artistic thought/act.

At 5.30 pm and for about half an hour, the first performance will take place. Sergio Angeli with the fabric on the ground, one look at Jackson Pollock and another at the needs of the material he uses for his works, will exploit the potential of objects that are now part of his post-industrial and post-human imaginative vocabulary. Disposable mechanical components alternate with slender hair skeins used as three-dimensional stencils which, thanks to the varnishes, let them drip or spray on top, deposit the disturbing traces of their passage on the canvas. The electric guitarist Grumvalski will follow Angeli's work with Liberty/Infinity, an experimental composition developed specifically for the event.

At 7:00 pm, and always for half an hour, Andrea Sampaolo's performance will be on stage, which includes, mirroring the first one, a musical stock of explicit electro-jazz connections thanks to the collaboration with the group D' EEA (voice Barbara Eramo, dj Antonello Aprea, sinth and keyboards Alberto Rossetti). Sampaolo will face the challenge with his usual working tools (brushes, spatulas and sprays) in search of a shape, a sign and a content that with totally unpredictable and almost independent modalities from the artist will find their right dimension on the virgin support. The present is the gesture, the future is the completed work of art, the past - next - is the historic American forge of Street Art and Action Painting.

Two visions, that of the two painters, united in the name of abstractionism but profoundly different. If Sampaolo is dynamic, physical, almost impetuous, Angels is perhaps compassed, certainly poetic. With their shoulders to the public and eyes glued to the material to be transformed, the two artists feed on the adrenaline that they release and that the occasion requires, in an imponderability that neither can predict, but that is forced to govern.

A week and an evening to bring people closer to art and squadernare expectations with surprises that will be experienced, because revealed, only during the afternoon of happenings. An afternoon to communicate the pleasure of creative manifestation in an intimate and private place such as the studio. A pleasure that comes from the realization and at the same time from observing and understanding.


Project by Sergio Angeli, Andrea Sampaolo

curated by Silvia Colasanto

9-13 October from 10 a. m. to 7 p. m.

14th October from 10.00 a. m. to 10 p. m.

c/o Sampaolo Atelier

Via Gina Mazza, 9 Rome