Angelica Romeo's Open Studio

romeo -cipolla    meeting and speaking

romeo -cipolla meeting and speaking

DIALOGHI ED INCONTRI D'ARTE A PALAZZO BOOROMINI  ( SPEAKING AND MEETING BETWEEN ARTIST AT PALAZZO BORROMINI ) : Angelica Romeo and Quirino Cipolla together for an artistic dialogue trough paint and sculpture in the Eitch Borromini Gallery inside Eitch Borromini Hotel.

The event will start october 9th at 11,00 am until 20.00 pm and finish october 10th at 20.00pm.

During the exibition it is possible visit all the floor included the wonderfoul terraces with a spectacular view of Rome .

It is also possible have luch or aperitive at the resturant inside with reservation .

for info contact hotel reception Eitch Borromini