Recycle effect

The relationship between art and waste

During the week of Rome Art Week, Arte Borgo Gallery organizes in the prestigious space of the Galleria in Borgo Vittorio 25 in the heart of the Capital between Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's Basilica, the international collective exhibition titled "Recycle Effect".
The event will be the occasion for meeting enthusiasts and specialists in the field to present and promote Contemporary Art and through the Rome Art Week website to be upgraded to exhibit circuits.
The "Recycle Effect" exhibition is aimed at artists who, by their creativity, sensitivity, and awareness of environmental issues, prolong the life of an object that seemed to have ended their existence, and everyone can tell through their imagination and with any kind of material like every Kind of discarded objects acquire a new image, celebrating Art with completely original forms of inspiration and experimentation.
It is a story that the relationship between Art and Waste has brought great artists to the recovery of waste items by giving them new life with complex and representative works of art. And that's why Arte Borgo Gallery puts the "Recycle Effect" exhibition in the week when the Capital projects contemporary art on the international cultural scene.