Opening Solo Show by Beatrice Scaccia | Sta in cielo e in fondo al pozzo

Opening Solo Show by Beatrice Scaccia

Can goddesses play?, 2017, pencil, crayon, oil, gypsum and wax on paper, dam. 29 cm, detail

Can goddesses play?, 2017, pencil, crayon, oil, gypsum and wax on paper, dam. 29 cm, detail

For Rome Art Week, the Emmeotto Gallery presents a major solo exhibition of work by NY-based artist Beatrice Scaccia at Palazzo Taverna. Titled Sta in cielo e in fondo al pozzo ("It's in the sky and at the bottom of the well") the exhibition will open on October 12th 2017 at 18: 30.


The exhibition showcases a new series of artwork designed and made to be site-specific, as is customary for the artist. The title refers to a poem by Antonio Delfini (1907-1963) and to the moon, a presence/absence in the various works exhibited. The moon, whether in the circular shapes of some of the works or in the verticality of some others, is intended here as an aspiration to heaven.


Beatrice Scaccia imagines a world of contemporary archetypal figures that seem to embody an urge to understand herself and others. The characters in these works are fluid beings. Without any clearly discernible gender, age, or distinctive facial features, these figures can only show our most authentic vulnerabilities. They are a version of the self: obsessed with things, overwhelmed by nameless emotions and confined to a context-free space. Through repetitive movements, especially in the animated films, these entities seem to collide and find themselves in a nowhere land. They are forced to confront their own interiority and the absurdity of their condition/existence.


Beatrice's artistic research is in the essence of these works. It is the metaphor of a world's vision and must be read in existential terms, through the definite position with respect to her experience as an artist-individual.


Richard Shebairo, Beatrice's friend and collector, describes her work as " Bea’s works are like dream sequences just out of reach, ones where the feelings remain but the story is almost, but not quite accessible. The figures provide clues but no real clarity. The story, as well as its characters are receding into the mist leaving only a residue of an incomplete remembered or perhaps imagined experience. While the dreams aren't frightening, they're not completely benign either. They have secrets that we can only ponder but never completely discern.


Both the title and exhibition underline a constant duality of existence: height and fall, light and shadow, emptiness and fullness, the sky and the well.


Beatrice Scaccia is an Italian visual artist. Her artistic production is expressed through various techniques: painting, drawing and animation/installation. Beatrice studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with Gino Marotta. She moved permanently to NY in 2011. In New York, she worked as a painter at the Jeff Koons Studio and steadily continued producing and exhibiting her work. In 2014, the artist obtained a residency at Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn and at the Artists Alliance in Manhattan. In the same year, she exhibited at the Cuchifritos Gallery in NY and at the Effearte Gallery in Milan. In 2016, Beatrice was selected for the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild Residency Program directed by Jeremy Adams.

Her latest solo exhibition was presented in 2016 at the Cara Gallery (Cassina Projects) in New York City. Since 2015, many of her works have been purchased to be part of the William Louis-Dreyfus Family Foundation permanent collection.

She currently lives and works in NY, where she collaborates with Ricco Maresca Gallery