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Friday, October 30 the second stage of the project by Rossana Calbi


Friday, October 30 the second stage of the exhibition dedicated to the history of female writing.


Inserted in the program of Rome Art Week, Rossana Calbi's project, which pays homage to Virginia Woolf's 1929 essay, is the meeting place of ten Italian artists who have inspired their work to make ten key writers of world literature.

After the exhibition at the gallery amaneï of Salina, island of the Aeolian Islands, the solitude of writing is presented to the Roman public framed in the books in which Francesca Toscano has set the works of the ten Italian artists who were guests for the first time, thanks to Marta Di Meglio, in the gallery Up Urban Prospective Factory.


A room of its own is a meeting place where drawing paid homage to writing, a space in which we rediscovered the pages of authors fundamental to our education: Saffo, Grazia Deledda, Emily Brontë accompanied us to the poems of Renée Vivien and the drawings of Beatrix Potter. The mysteries of Agatha Christie, the inconsistencies of Sibilla Aleramo, the elaboration of the

beauty and the fear that Mary Shelley gave us are the plot of a collective exhibition that contradicts the loneliness, effigy and stigma of Dickinson, to open our eyes to the harmony of thought and stroke on paper. Points, phrases, metaphors, which become lines and colors thanks to new solitudes transformed into an encounter: the group show transformed into a volume thanks to Edizioni del Frisco.A room all by itself continues to be an encounter involving new writers: Barbara Baraldi, Veronica Raimo, Clarice Trombella, and, for the first time, Alessandra Bava's translation of a text by Beatrix Potter.



A room of its own will be the guest of Up Urban Contemporary Factory until November 30 with works by Erica Calardo, Giulia Caliò, Amalia Caratozzolo, Annabella Cuomo, Martina D'Anastasio, Gerlanda Di Francia, Cristina Gardumi, Zoe Lacchei, Federica Poletti, Ania Tomicka.


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