Lavinia Coniglio

Art Historian and curator


Bachelor's degree in Cultural Heritage, historical-artistic studies (110 cum laude) at La Sapienza University in Rome; master's degree in Art History (110 cum laude) at La Sapienza University in Rome. Her studies are focused on Byzantine gender studies, for example manuscripts containing Giacomo di Kokinobaphos' Homelies in relation with the sebastokratorissa Irene or the two ivories of Ariadne, now at Bargello Museum in Florence and Kunsthosrisches Museum in Wien.

About interships: Ceremonial Office with Fondazione Cinema Per Roma ( XIV Rome Film Fest); monograph office at Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma.

Worked at Teatro Prati in Rome (press office); she wrote 12 articles for, Rome; she is a tour guide for In Viaggio Per Ricomincirae in PAlermo (Byzantine art) and Rome (street art in Pigneto). Now is the PR in Atelier Montez in Rome, for the exhibition Be**pART-la mostra più grande di sempre.