Mauro Defrancesco

Mauro Defrancesco

Born in Cavalese (Trento) in 1970.

Founder and Art Director of the UFOFABRIK contemporary art gallery.

President and Art Director ARTE MAGGIORE.

ARTFAIR Art Director.


The gallery mainly deals with management for artists and contemporary art fairs, in Italy and Europe.

UFOFABRIK's goal is to create an international centre of independent, high-quality artistic production, through careful scouting, research and interaction with artists, research capable of presenting relevant works for the development of contemporary art.

An independent project for contemporary art, open and experimental.

The project was born in 2009, during the first eleven years of activity the program of exhibitions proposed has alternated exhibitions of young emerging and established artists.

Important solo and group exhibitions of artists whose work has an innovative role in the world of contemporary art were hosted.