Karima Ruzzi

Born in 1993, she moved to Rome in 2012 to obtain a degree in Literature from the University of Roma Tre. Always fascinated by the beauty of artistic expression, she has been collaborating since 2018 with Flyer srl, a new media agency that has been involved in the production of events for the promotion of audio video digital arts for twenty years, creating festivals of international interest. The experience gained in this period leads her to increase more and more the dedication for artistic promotion with a strong propensity to raise awareness of new forms of contemporary expression, proposing new artists and new possibilities for curating, strongly believing in an idea that art must be ever closer to people.

Since 2019 she has been involved in the promotion of the Slovakian artist Danica Ondrej, following her in the round in her activity through the curation of personal exhibitions, dealing with communication, relations with institutions and with the major festivals dedicated to contemporary art and always deepening more with her a joint artistic path based on a continuous comparison.