Michela Sena

Michela Sena is an art curator and she is also the Europe Representative and South East Asian Art consultant of Tang Contemporary Art. Her research relates partly to the potential of global language and the relationship and dialogue between contemporary artists coming from different territories.

After she graduated in museology and art history at Roma Tre University and got a Chinese language degree at SISU Shanghai Foreign Studies University, she was director of Primo Marella Gallery Beijing and Director of Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok. She curated a wide number of shows proposing a punctual snapshot of contemporary art research, developing in recent years a focus on Chinese and South East Asian art. Speaking fluently Chinese Mandarin, English, Spanish and Italian, she easily works upon a life of contrasting cultures, languages and customs. She continues to realize culture dialogues between different territories, while enjoying creating projects and realizing exhibitions across borders.

Among her projects:

"Transcending Clarity", solo show by Roldan Manok Ventura​, 2020, Tang contemporary Art Bangkok.

"A Silent Voice", Group Exhibition by: Eisa Jocson, Kristoffer Ardena, Chong Ai Lei, Pattharakon Singhtong, Kitti Narod, Anuwat Apimukmongkon, 2020, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok.

"The Link", Group Exhibition by: Mit Jai Inn, Sakarin Krue - On, Natee Utarit, Sutee Kunavichhayanont, Angkrit Ajchariyasophon, Tawan Wattuya and Pannaphan Yodmanee, 2019, Tang Contemporary art Bangkok VIP Space.

"Ling Jian Solo Exhibition" by Ling Jian, 2019, Tang Contemporary Art Vip Space.

"S.E.A. - New Generation", Group exhibition by: Ruben Pang, Cai Qing, Kristoffer Ardeña, Manok Ventura, H.H.Lim, Zulkifli Lee, Pannaphan Yodmanee, Phattharakon Singthong, Sornchai Phongsa, 2019, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok.  ​

"Sakarin Krue-On" solo show by Sakarin Krue-On, 2019, Tang Contemporary art Beijing 1st Space.

"Suspended · Undecided", Group exhibition by: Cai Lei, Chen Yujun, Wang Yuping, Yan Lei, Yang Jiechang, Yang Yong, Zhao Zhao, Zhu Jinshi, 2018, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok.

 "Untitled Poems of Theodore Rousseau" solo show by Natee Utarit, 2018, Tang contemporary Art Bangkok.

 "88 Memoirs", solo show by Moe Satt, 2018, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok.

 "Encrypted / Decrypted", group show by: Nipan Oranniwesna, Wantanee Siripattananuntakul, Chitti Kasemkitvatana and Tanatchai Bandasak, 2018, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok.

 "Lights In", solo show by Yeoh Choo Kuan, 2018, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok. 

"Nirvana: Tropical Rebirth", Group show by: Pannaphan Yodmanee, Rodel Tapaya, Heri Dono, 2018, Tang contemporary Art Bangkok.

 "Half Degree of Separation", solo show by Entang Wiharso, 2018, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok. 

​"The Stranger" solo show by Zhang Yongxu, 2017, Tang contemporary Art Bangkok.

 "Within Sight: Chinese New painting at Post Financial Crisis Era", group show by: Chen Ke, Chen Yujun, Luo Quanmu, Li Changlong, Li Qing, Liu Jiahua, Ma Ke, Xiang Nan and Zhang Wenrong, 2017, Tang contemporary Art Bangkok. 

"A TALEBEARER’S TALE : The Last Deer", solo show by Sakarin Krue-On, 2017, Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok.

 "Wire Tuazon" solo show by Wire Tuazon, 2010, Primo Marella Gallery Beijing.

 "Thin Line", project by Nicola Gobbetto, 2005, Via Farini Non profit space Milan.