Anna Amendolagine

An independent curator, art texts writer and journalist, she lives and works between Rome and Rimini. A former officer in the Cultural Promotion Area at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, abroad she held the position of Director of Italian Cultural Institutes, Cultural Attaché and University Lecturer.

In 2002 she attended the course for ‘Curators of exhibitions’ directed by Ludovico Pratesi, her curatorial activity starts in 2003 and includes the ideation and realization of exhibitions, texts and art catalogs, exhibitions and cultural events in collaboration with public and private sectors Institutions both in Italy and abroad.

Among her most significant experiences in the field of promoting contemporary art:

  • 22.09-06.10.2018: personal exhibition ‘VULCANIC’ by Sivio Formichetti, Galleria CONTEMPO, Pergine Valsugana (TN), Italia

  • 14-18.08.2017: photograph exhibition ‘ROSES’ by Rosetta Messori, South African State Theater Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa

  • 19.03 -24.04.2016: painting exhibition 'EVOLUTION OF SILENCE' by Silvio Formichetti, Rocca - center for contemporary art, Umbertide (PG), Italy
  • 10.07 -31.08.2014: personal exhibition 'EST-ETICA NATURALE' by Rossana Berti Garzelli, National Museum of Bulgarian Visual Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria -
  • 05.09-06.10.2013: Max Marra's painting exhibition 'CIELI DI COSMOS', Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 15-30.04.2013: personal exhibition ' TONINO CAPUTO. A WINDOW ON THE WORLD, Rayko Gallery Alexiev, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 14-30.03.2013: personal exhibition 'VIS & VERTIGO' by Albino Pitti, National Gallery of Art-Bulgarian National Museum of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 22.08 -09.09.2012: personal exhibition ‘CHROMATIC ARCHITECTURES’ by Silvio Formichetti, Graffit Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
  • 20.06 - 09.07.2012: personal exhibition "Silvio Formichetti. BULGARIAN VISIONS ", National Gallery of Foreign Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 04 - 15.06.2012: personal exhibition "THE MAP HAS GOT UP! Cultural Territories of BelPaese " by Marco Gerbi , Municipal Library, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 14-29.02.2012: Group exhibition of five contemporary Venetian artists 'VENICE REFLEXED in contemporary waves ', Gallery " Rayko Alexiev ", Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 06.06 - 08.08.2011: anthological exhibition 'NUNZIO BIBBò . GENESIS OF A DIALOGUE: ITALY-BULGARIA ', by Nunzio Bibbò , National Gallery of Foreign Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 08-19.02.2011: photograph exhibition "MEDITERRANEAN VISIONS. LIGHT PROFILE SPEED "by the Italian artist-photographer Rosetta Messori, Galleria Rayko Alexiev, Sofia, Bulgaria

 Among the various specializations and university Masters achieved, we report:

  • Master in ‘Arts and Culture: marketing, communication and fundraising strategies, Il Sole 24 Ore, Rome, 2015
  • Specialization course in 'Designing on the Web. Digital Libraries of words and images (research centers and large libraries) ', Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, 2005.
  • Master in 'Historical and artistic studies and the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage and the environment', LUMSA, Rome, 2003
  • the two-year Master in 'Teaching and promoting Italian language and culture to foreigners', Ca' Foscari University , Venice, 2002

She held the role of European Technical Coordinator for two important cultural projects of the European Union PETRA and LEONARDO from 1993 to 1998.

A free-lance journalist and press officer, she has written numerous articles on art and culture. She currently collaborates with ITALIA ARTE magazine.


Poster 'Between Art & Cinema: Sons of MAAM. The ideal commitment in the work of Paolo Consorti'.
Invite 'Between Art & Cinema: Sons of MAAM. The ideal commitment in the work of Paolo Consorti'.
Poster film Sons of MAAM.
St. Francis, mixed technique, 2011
St. Catherine, mixed technique, 2011
Holy Card: St. Januarius, mixed techinique, 2016
Holy Card: St. Justine, mixed technique, 2016
Holy Card: St. Mark, mixed technique, 2016

22 Oct 2018 | 16:00
Between Art & Cinema: Sons of MAAM: the ideal commitment in the work of Paolo Consorti.
Screening of the film Sons of MAAM by Paolo Consorti.
Free admission
3B Gallery
Via della Balduina, 105 - Roma
22-27 Oct 2018 | 18:00
Between Art & Cinema: Sons of MAAM: the ideal commitment in the work of Paolo Consorti.
Personal exhibition by Paolo Consorti.
Free admission
3B Gallery
Via della Balduina, 105 - Roma
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