Eileen Contreras

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Eileen Contreras is an Independent Contemporary Art and Critic Curator. She graduated in Venezuela in Business Administration with an MFA in Fine Art in London. During her career, Eileen worked promoting and connecting contemporary artists with collectors, art lovers, buyers, and international festivals. For more than ten years she has been organizing exhibitions and festivals of Contemporary Art as Art Director, conceiving and organizing events in many institutional locations and curating modern and contemporary art exhibitions. She has in her curriculum more than 20 exhibitions & art festivals and fashion shows in Rome, Milan, and London. Also has a special passion for developing exhibitions that pay homage to beauty in all its expressions.
Her curatorial methodology is constantly looking for poetic, philosophical approaches inspired by literature, surrealism, and understanding the world or other inventions that foster a social dialogue between the themes of the works on display. She strongly believes in the richness of making his public reflect and intrigue her audience with a wide variety and originality of forms of expression, recognizing as a value the power of creativity, sensation, and emotion that mediate artistic languages, the only one capable of overcoming the barriers, prejudices, stereotypes, and ideologies.-