Davide Silvioli

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Davide Silvioli (1989). Contemporary art critic, he practices an apporach based on theorethic research, defined according to the logical forms of writing, language and echibition project. He studies, in particular, artistic expressions marked by a considerable level of interdisciplinarity He studied at the University of Perugia, the LUISS University of Rome, the Tor Vergata University of Rome. He is assistant curator at the Palazzo Collicola Museum, in Spoleto. He collaborates with the Department of literary, philosophical and art history studies of the Tor Vergata University of Rome. He is the winner of grant for essays Castiglioni Roversi Award 2022, launched by Paolo Scheggi Archive of Milan.

He took part in projects promoted by Italian Cultural Institute of Osaka (JPN), Perugia Fine Arts Academy, MAXXI Museum, Swiss Institute, Aquila Fine Arts Academy, Palazzo Collicola Museum, University of Tor Vergata, University of Benha (EGY), Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Italian Philosophical Society, Italian Cultural Institute of Belgrado (SRB), University of Tetovo (MKD), San Raffaele University.

He took lectures and curated publications and exhibition projects for galleries, foundations, fairs, independent spaces and institutions in Italy and abroad. He has been involved in cataloguing for both public and private archives, educational visits, teaching and research. He is contributor for art magazines and specialized press offices. His texts and researches are included in exhibition catalogues, artists' books, art magazines, scientific publications and monographs. He collaborates with foundations, galleries, museums, archives, publishing houses, academies and universities on teaching, research and curatorial projects.