Patricia Pascual

Patricia Pascual Pérez-Zamora

Creative director, culture and art manager.

She has been creative director of several advertising and events agencies in Spain. Roman by adoption, she has lived in the Italian capital for twelve years, where she works as a freelance consultant for brands and agencies in the communication, events and public relations field. She knows well and loves "il Salotto Romano", contemporary art, fashion in all its expressions and red wine. Her last work in the field of contemporary art was the project "La Casa di Tela", an artistic intervention by Esteban Villalta Marzi and curated by Gianluca Marziani.
She is a founding member of Dosintres Cultura.
Her motto: "The eye must travel" (Diana Vreeland dixit). @pato:_perezamora @patopascual

Her specialities:

Cultural Diplomacy
Conceptualisation, development and management of cultural projects and events. 
Facilitator of creative spaces
Creation of cultural content for different platforms 
High target PR
Visual Communication
Social Media Marketing
Creative direction 



Cultural Management, Communication | Dosintres Cultura 2019 - Actually
I lead for the Spanish Embassy in Italy a series of cultural programs that have the objective to promote professional exchanges between these two countries regarding cultural and scientific areas. We created a monthly talks named Parolé, which became an online version due to Covid-19.
I set up a remote team of 3 people to coordinate each aera: technical, institutional interlocution, contents, communication and social media, and in just one month we were able to launch the pilot programme. Using my experience as art director, I defined and created the programme's image, a distinctive image, carefully and memorable adapted to each debate and to the different broadcasting networks.